Posted by: Dykestra's Algorithm | September 2, 2009

In Which Our Heroine Is Concerned About Finances

The more I look at ads for small farms on websites, the more I become convinced that it is hard being a single person.

No matter how much I work, no matter how much I can reasonable expect to be paid, I will never be able to afford a farm that is selling for more than 300K, and that’s being generous.  Yet everything I look at in Massachusetts is asking 350+K.  Unless, of course, I’m willing to settle for a <1 acre lot.

Which I am not.

I should be grateful, I know.  At least I know I will be able to afford some sort of house plus land when the time comes.  The time probably won’t come for another ten years, but in the meantime I can afford to rent and own animals on rented land.  I am lucky.

But, in the traditional American Way, I can’t help but want more.



  1. You are definately not alone in your quest for a farm on limited funds. I have a 3 income household (my husband’s income, plus I work full time and have a part time photography business) and there still isn’t enough money. Everything is so expensive it makes it difficult to sign onto a huge mortgage. We are in northern Michigan and while a farm might not be $350+ it is still way out of our range. Maybe someday….

    Hang in there, keep dreaming, and someday you’ll be posting and telling us all about your farm….


    linked to you through the CAF forum :)

    • Thank you so much for the words of encouragement, Deb! Right now, I’m hoping that I can find some regular ol’ land to rent, as that’s much more doable than actually outright purchasing.

  2. Where in Mass are you looking? And how much land is your minimum? There are some communities in Western Mass that are pretty reasonable.

    • I’m looking for at least 5 acres, preferably 10. And while I’d like to live in Western Mass — it’s so beautiful out there — where I end up depends on where I can get a job. :(

  3. You’ll find it. I’m sure of it. just start looking in not the obvious places. I’ve seen 10 acres and house and small barn before for reasonable costs. And this economy there are bargains to be found. Even in Florida.

    Patience is key!

    And i’m going to start too! I know that i need more than 1.5 acres. That is FOR SURE!

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